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LinenKids is now open!

mouseWas it really four years ago that this idea was born? LinenKids began when I first bought my son a little outfit made out of linen — Lithuanian linen, as I later learned. I loved the outfit but… more importantly… so did he! He just seemed happier when he was wearing linen.

I found out that not all linen is the same. The linen clothes you can buy at those big stores just doesn’t feel as good as natural linen that’s been made by local producers and then crafted by local people. And then I thought that maybe other mothers might like natural linen clothes for their kids. And since I work at UPS I’m in contact with lots of local businesses… and some of them agreed with me.

So here we are: LinenKids launches today!

You can read my announcement here.

I hope you’ll want to try LinenKids products. If you do – I might even write about you on this blog (if you’re Ok with that!).

Thank you,