Spring is here – finally!

I have been really waiting for the arrival of the spring and—finally— some warm weather… You know, here in Lithuania, at the end of March it’s still -5°C/23°F at night! So I think this is a good time to dream about warmer or even hot weather and take a minute off after the great launch of Linenkids.com to write about a few items I like the most in my shop.

elegant rose linen dress

elegant rose linen dress

The first one is the Elegant Rose Linen Dress. I have a very vivid memory of the 3-year-old girl who was a model for this dress on the photo shoot. Usually, children hate to dress or undress, but this time was different. This young lady put on this dress and the first thing she did was to run to look at herself in the mirror – what a beauty! She was so happy to wear it – and the photographer got some great shots. But then came time to change the clothes… and she refused! She started to cry so hard… Oh, I would have liked to let her go home with this dress, but it was way too cold outside.

The other two items are my older son’s favorite: the Striped Knitted Linen Pullover and the Classic Natural Linen Trousers. To me, these clothes are just natural and beautiful. My son wore them last summer and was very happy whenever he wore them. Why? I think it’s because of their classic design, which gives kids freedom to move. My kid is very agile and while running around he often gets hot and sweaty… I discovered something interesting – when he’s wearing linen clothes he gets less hot and bothered!

knitted linen pullover, striped

knitted linen pullover, striped

classic natural linen trousers

classic natural linen trousers

I hope that warm and sunny weather will be there soon. While waiting for the real spring I can tell you a small secret – more unique, sweet and lovely linen clothes are coming soon!

Thank you for visiting!


One response to “Spring is here – finally!

  1. Our collection is entirely made from 100 % Pure Washed Linen.

    Our traditional vintage pre-washed finishing method provides you with a free of shrinking, ironing free linen fabric.

    After a lot of research for the best flax fiber in France, Belgium and other parts of Europe, and with the great contributions of local weavers and dyers who help me rediscover old traditional washing methods, this typical soft and slightly crinkled pure linen fabric came out as the base for a complete collection of bed linen, home wear, curtains and more we are proposing to you in this store.

    We are making standard as well as custom sizes items in this very soft crushed easy care linen. Welcome to our shop !

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