30 days of LinenKids, day 1: elegant pink linen pajamas

Let’s talk about how our children sleep. Do they sleep calmly right through the night and wake up in the morning? Or do you have to get up a few times every night and help your kiddie get back to sleep? I think one of the key factors that influences a child’s sleep is his or her surroundings.

1_elegant_pink_linen_pajamasChildren usually sleep 10-12 hours per day, so it is very important that they sleep in healthy and comfortable surroundings. I bet most of us buy cotton pajamas for our children. They’re OK… but have you ever tried linen ones? I think these natural linen pajamas are the best to ensure a child’s sweet dreams. And they look terrific!

What’s great about linen is that it becomes softer after each wash. And linen is the ideal natural fabric for your child — especially if he or she has an allergy, sensitive skin, or gets ‘hot and bothered’.

One more reason why I selected these pajamas for my shop: the hand-crafted details. These adorable, pink, 100% linen pajamas are decorated with hand-made stitches. They have a button closure and a fully elasticized waist on the pants designed for comfort and perfect fit.

And because they’re made from fine linen, they’re easy to care for: machine washable. (Just note that they may shrink up to 3% after the first wash in a washing machine.)

1_linen_bear_redBut wait a moment: something’s missing! I think any kid will sleep much better with something to cuddle. Maybe this cute red linen bear?

Sweet dreams!



One response to “30 days of LinenKids, day 1: elegant pink linen pajamas

  1. Our collection is entirely made from 100 % Pure Washed Linen.

    Our traditional vintage pre-washed finishing method provides you with a free of shrinking, ironing free linen fabric.

    After a lot of research for the best flax fiber in France, Belgium and other parts of Europe, and with the great contributions of local weavers and dyers who help me rediscover old traditional washing methods, this typical soft and slightly crinkled pure linen fabric came out as the base for a complete collection of bed linen, home wear, curtains and more we are proposing to you in this store.

    We are making standard as well as custom sizes items in this very soft crushed easy care linen. Welcome to our shop !

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