30 days of LinenKids, day 2: hooded sweater in natural linen

hooded sweater in natural linen

I love the look of this linen sweater; it was designed by Daiva Tamosaitiene, a talented Lithuanian designer. The bit I like best: the motif of the girl with long hair that’s featured on the pocket. Another detail that’s really super: the loop closures. Almost three years ago, I saw her designer clothes for children at a fashion show and I thought: “They are so cool!’

Looking at her designs I always smile – they just make me feel great. Tricksy girls, ladybirds, sheep – these details are her ‘signatures’.

2-pocketChildren also love her designs and feel very natural wearing this pullover. If you look closely at this picture, you’ll see there’s something in the pocket. I noticed it only after a photo session, when I discovered that this little girl had already started to put her little treasures into the pocket – a bottle of soap bubbles! So I guess it’s fair to say that she really felt at home in this sweater.

This sweater is great and extremely comfortable for everyday wear.
It has been knitted using a fine linen thread, and then washed to eliminate further shrinkage and to make sure that it will not lose its shape. Like most of our items, it’s machine-washable so it can be worn every day.

Talking of which, I think it goes well with another one of Daiva’s creations: the “Tricksy Girl” natural linen handbag.



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