30 days of LinenKids, day 3: striped knitted linen pullover


This striped linen pullover is great for Spring. It’s one of my older son’s favorites, and when you have a boy who likes to wear something that you also like – that’s a great thing! It is made by one of the best Lithuanian designers with extremely high attention to detail and quality. It’s knitted using fine linen thread, washed to remove shrinkage and constructed to make sure that it won’t lose its shape.

I selected this pullover for LinenKids.com for three reasons:

1. It’s hard to find knitted 100% linen pullovers — in stores or online. Why is that, I hear you ask? Well, linen thread is generally uneven – it varies from thin to thick, unlike cotton, for example. These natural imperfections are the real nature of linen and I think what it makes beautiful. But at the same time it is very hard to knit this thread with knitting machines: there’s lots of manual intervention and supervision needed to ensure high quality of the final product. And of course that is time-consuming. That’s why only small, specialist companies want to tackle knitting linen to make clothes — but the results are lovely.

2. Its classic, simple design captured my heart. I think it’s a great pullover for everyday wear — but it’s also nice for ‘smart’ occasions. It’s machine-washable, too.

3. My son likes it! He wore this pullover last summer and was very happy. Why? I think it’s because of the classic design, which allows for movement without getting in the way. Another reason he likes it is because it has natural cooling properties. He’s an active kid and while running around he often gets hot and sweaty. With some fabrics, that can mean you get chills when you’re playing outside. But linen is great because it keeps him cool when he gets hot, and then gradually cools him down when he stops for a moment.

I think it goes great with the classic natural linen trousers.

Hope you like them!




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