30 days of LinenKids, day 4: ‘Kitty’ motif bed linens


Some people have asked me: “what about linen items other than clothes for children”? To which I say: “Check out our lovely bed linens!”

It’s true, we don’t have a huge range of bed linen, but those we do offer are (of course) aimed at kids — and they are truly exceptional. My experience is that it’s not easy to find nice bed linens for kids. Most of the linens in stores have a mass-market look about them. They are generally made from cotton or cotton-polyester, and come in very jarring colors.

OK, some of them are really beautiful, but are they eco-friendly and made using sustainable processes? Recently I came across an article that pointed out that linen is more eco-friendly than cotton. You can download the report here.

Anyway, today I would like to tell you about the beautiful and lovely linen bedding set (see photo above) that I bought for my younger son while I was expecting him. I just love this bedding set! The combination of white and light blue looks great and creates a cozy atmosphere in a child’s bedroom. The pillow case is two-tone: the front is white and the back is light blue. The duvet cover is also two-tone: a light blue with a white border.

I think your kiddie will sleep beautifully in this soft bedding made of natural, healthy fibres. Plus it is really beautiful. Boys and girls of all ages will adore this soft linen bedding as it sweeps them off to happy dreams. By the way – you can choose from a few embroidery patterns and colors to make it really special.

This bedding set is made from the finest linen cloth. It is easy to care for because it is machine-washable. Just one note – it may shrink up to 3 percent after the first wash.

Sweet dreams!


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