30 days of LinenKids, day 5: elegant pink linen dresse


When I was looking for unique and pretty clothes for my e-shop, one of my suppliers – a businesswomen, designer and mother of 3 children – shows me a pink linen dress. “Nothing special” I thought and wanted to move on to her other items. But she convinced me to take it, saying that her daughter liked this dress so very much. Well, I took it and added to the store.
Which brings me to the next time I saw this dress. We’re working with a three-years old girl who was modeling this dress for our photo shoot. Usually, children hate to dress or undress, but this time was different. This little girl puts it on, and the first thing she does is run to look at herself in the mirror – she thought she looked beautiful! She was so happy to wear it, and the photographer got some perfect shots. But then it’s time to change for the next photo… And she refuses! She cried so hard… Oh, I would have loved to let her go home in it, but it was too cold outside!

So, this is one those dresses that looks simple on the rack but then just so gorgeous once it’s on a little girl. It has a lot of nice little touches: decorative stitches and white buttons on the front, an elegant waist with drawstrings that cinch the sides (these drawstrings are extremely comfortable and adjust the waist for a perfect fit.) I think it’s easy and comfortable enough for everyday wear (it’s machine-washable), but works just as well for ‘smart’ occasions. How many dresses can you say that about?
It’s crafted in natural linen by one of the best Lithuanian producers with extremely high attention to detail and quality. It’s made from fine linen cloth, pre-washed to reduce shrinkage but it might shrink an additional 3% after the first wash.

I think this dress goes well with the Pink Linen Hat, which can be decorated with an adorable red hand-made Linen Flower. For colder days or chilly evenings your girl will look gorgeous wrapped up in the White Linen Butterfly Scarf.


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