30 days of LinenKids, day 6: boys simple white linen shirt

boys simple linen shirt

So what’s a practical and comfortable summer shirt for the little boy who is always zooming around and loves to play outside? I think my ‘simple’ white linen shirt is perfect.

I like the vintage-inspired design of this shirt, especially the unique look of the light and airy white linen fabric, which features alternating translucent and opaque stripes. This shirt reminds me of movies about Lithuania in 19th century: the scenes from the countryside with the barefooted children, playing in the wonderful old village gardens. They used to wear loose linen shirts with a comfortable lace-up front. It’s such a cute look!

boys simple linen shirt

The moment I saw this shirt I wanted to add it to the new LinenKids summer collection. I was excited about the stylish lace-up look and the sleeves, which are an unusual and practical ¾ length. It’s perfect for warm summer days: the 100% linen fabric is extremely thin — it seems a light as air. This shirt is made in an interesting, striped texture of 100% linen. The best part is that it’s so soft — I’m sure any boy will feel really comfortable in this shirt, just like those bare-footed children from centuries past.

This shirt is easy to care for, just like all my linen items. It is made from fine linen cloth, pre-washed to reduce shrinkage but it might shrink an additional 3% after the first wash.

And you can dress up this shirt of you like. I think it goes great with these super-comfortable and stylish boys linen cargo pants.



One response to “30 days of LinenKids, day 6: boys simple white linen shirt

  1. Love it!

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