Daily Archives: May 18, 2009

30 days of LinenKids, day 7: girls ‘ladybird’ linen shorts outfit


What can I say… it’s just so cute! Mostly I like the design and the lovely hand-made ladybirds, but I also like the way linen is used to add comfort. It has linen knit strips at the sides to keep it airy, and the top is sleeveless with shoulder straps that can be adjusted for length. The waist of the shorts comes fully elasticized for a comfortable fit. All these little touches make it extremely comfortable, making it  perfect for hot weather. And did I say it’s cute?

When I saw this cute linen outfit, I thought, why there were no so cute and comfortable clothes when I was a child? I was a very agile little girl: I liked to play active games and climb trees. My mother used to dress my in those fancy dresses (at least for those ‘smart’ occasions), but how could I climb trees when dressed like that? That’s why I just adore this outfit; I believe that there are a lot of girls who are cheeky monkeys and who need comfortable clothing — even though they like to dress up now and then.


The other side of the story is, of course, the health of our children. More and more, parents are concerned about dressing their children in healthy, natural clothes. I’m absolutely addicted to natural clothes and surroundings for my children. I always look for clothes, made of the natural fibers in the stores, but sometimes the “natural” clothes are only “natural”. They look like somewhere the producers forgot to invite the designers and to make the clothes beautiful and attractive for children. Well, that’s not how we roll here!☺

This sweet little shorts/top outfit is made of excellent quality 100% linen cloth, softened and pre-washed. It’s easy to care for because it’s machine washable.

And one more thing – your little tomboy needs something special to add a final touch. I think our linen hand-crocheted cap is just perfect! It will protect her from the sunshine and make her look gorgeous!