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30 days of LinenKids, day 8: gorgeous linen christening dress

Today, I want to focus on some of our more elegant and ‘dressy’ items. Spring is definitely in the air and that can often mean christenings! Here at LinenKids, I think we’ve for some of the most stunning clothes for this special day.

This christening ensemble is a celebration of “the natural look” and the amazing craft of needlework! These luxury christening clothes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. This particular item is the masterpiece of extremely talented designer Jurga Jokubaitiene. She creates linen christening clothes exclusively, decorating them with handmade embroidery and crocheted details as well as Swarovski crystals and pendants. That’s right, Swarovski!


And, guess who inspires her? Yes, you’re right – her child – a three year-old son. I asked Jurga to tell me how her journey began and here’s what she said:

“I always had a lot of children’s clothing design ideas, but my son’s christening was the beginning of my creative work. When other mothers saw my son’s clothes, a few of them asked me to create something special for their children’s christening. And so it began! My aim is to make each model unique. I pay a lot of attention to each detail. Every detail is hand made – cross stitched, crocheted or so. Linen is pure and natural – same as meaning of christening. It looks great on kids as well – that’s why I have chosen linen for my designs.”

One of the things I notice at christenings and other special occasions is that the kids aren’t always looking terribly comfortable in their ‘special outfit’. I feel really sorry for those kiddies, dressed in scratchy synthetic clothes (satin dresses or polyester suits) on this special day, especially in warm or hot weather. Linen, on the other hand, is always comfortable because it breathes. Got a winter christening in mind? Well, linen is actually pretty warm, even when it’s cold and Jurga can also make these dresses with a soft and warm cotton lining.


This ensemble includes the beautiful dress, baby bonnet, headband and candle decoration. There so much craftsmanship in this ensemble: silver-grey handmade cross-stitched embroidery on the pockets and on the front of the belt; white hand-crocheted bands. Even the strings that fasten the cuffs, are hand-twisted! Oh, we can’t forget the finishing touches: decorations of Swarovski pearls and small Swarovski crystals, which decorate the belt and pockets as well.


Another nice feature is that that you can personalize this dress. The baby’s name can be cross-stitch embroidered (by hand, of course) on the reverse side of the belt. A nice touch!

For me this ensemble is so pure and full of love. Only our grandmothers could create such a beauty. Mine – she did just that for her children. Nowadays we don’t have so many talented women, that’s why I value Jurga’s creations so much. This wonderful christening ensemble will certainly become a family heirloom, used generation after generation. That’s more than you can say for most wedding dresses, which cost a small fortune!