Challenge your kid’s mind with Educational Wooden Toys from LinenKids

Summer’s end and the beginning of autumn often mean kids are going to stay more at home. To give children more entertainment, has expanded its Toys line with lovely Childhood Educational and Development Wooden Toys collection for babies and toddlers. Every single Mom wants her child to improve, but sometimes learning can be boring for their little ones. LinenKids found a fun way for your lovely child to develop attention and motor skills, hand – eye coordination and visual perception. Wooden toys help to recognize different colors and shapes. Some our educational toys are perfect for developing numbering skills as well. Puzzle solving can also be a fun way to challenge your kid’s mind. Solving puzzles gives kids a sense of accomplishment and self esteem. Take a look at our newest Wooden toys Collection and find the best development toy for your child.

1. Lacing wooden toys – a fun way to practice lacing skills, to learn the skills needed for tying shoes laces and sewing.

2. Numbered wooden toys – numbers can be easy for your child with our numbered wooden toys.

3. Wooden puzzles – adorable wooden cat, crocodile, car, motorbike or flower puzzles for all puzzles loving kids.


LinenKids wooden toys of highest quality standards

LinenKids wooden toys are hand made in Europe from sustainable sources and suit highest quality standards:

  • 100% Wooden (Lithuanian Birch)
  • Eco friendly toy
  • Not colored toys are covered with ecological beeswax and  linseed oil mix; Colored toys are painted with child friendly, water based paint Allendo Pulverbeize
  • Hand made in Lithuania [European Union]

Take a look LinenKids Wooden Toys Collection


One response to “Challenge your kid’s mind with Educational Wooden Toys from LinenKids

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Your toys and clothing all look wonderful! I’d love to receive samples so I may tell my clients.
    Thank you.
    Ingrid Johnson

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