Sustainable Linen Packaging: Pure Beauty, Simplicity and Practicality

Sometimes the things that I treat as “natural” and “must to be”, to others seem as unique and different. This time I am talking about LinenKids packaging. I think that packaging is a part of the product and each detail has to be perfect, the packaging – as well. That’s why we have started packing LinenKids items into pure natural linen bags, handmade of course.


We are receiving so positive and encouraging feedback from our customers! Customers, suppliers and partners just loved these bags, treating them as unique, sustainable and beautiful. How many of you would complement packaging if it was just a carton box or plastic bag?


These bags are handmade of linen. They come in different colors and sizes, adding vintage look and the final touch to LinenKids items. Pure beauty of linen is highlighted by simple design. These bags are sustainable and practical, because they can be used as linen or any other clothes storage bags.

And the last, but not the least point – this packaging is free of charge!


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