30 days of LinenKids, day 9: Hooded Linen Terry Towel for Babies

Let’s talk about bath time one more time. All loving parents realize that bath time can be great fun for their little ones. My both kids like bathing, but especially younger one. He enjoys splashing, playing with bubbles, and simply having fun. However, bath time is also a time when I want to provide my baby with coziness and warmth. I found Hooded Linen Terry Towel for Babies some time ago and I can say this is one of the most important items for bathing my baby, especially when he was newborn.

Hooded baby towel is just great because you can keep your kid‘s head warmth under the hood. Do not forget, that healthy babies need natural and healthy products – like natural linen – to grow strong. When it comes to baby bathing in comfort and supreme softness I cannot find anything better than this Hooded Linen Terry Towel for Babies – natural linen, terry cloth striped in off-white and bordered with a naturally-colored linen strip. Soft and breathable, extra absorbent Linen Towel simply cannot be compared with anything else. This Hooded Linen Towel is way more absorbent than ones you find in the stores for baby – linen absorbs water up to 150% its weight, it dries quickly and it’s durable. What is more, you should not worry about washing your baby‘s towel, because natural linen softens and lightens with every wash. And this is not the last thing, making linen towel an ideal baby towel, linen is anti bacterial fabric, this is why it is suitable even for the child with the most sensitive skin. And do not forget the fiber, it “tickle” your baby’s skin. No doubts bathing baby with Linen Hooded Towel is fun – at least for me!


I would like to share my experience with you and give an advice for all loving caretakers. You can pop the towel in a dryer about fifteen minutes before baby gets his bath to ensure that they are nice and warm when you’re ready to bundle him up.

Babies love bath time and by choosing this Hooded Linen Terry Towel for Babies you can rest assured that your baby is healthy and cheerful while enjoying bath time.


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