Linen Academy 1: Excellent Absorbing Qualities

Linen fibers have been used for thousands of years and it’s still one of the most fashionable textile fibers. Indeed, turned into a multitude of household things, flax possesses important, truly exceptional, hygiene and consumer properties that explain why things made of it enjoy such popularity.


Linen fabric is my favorite one.  I decided to spread some news about it. I invite you to LinenKids Linen Academy, lets take a look at linen‘s wonderful character!

Excellent Absorbing Qualities

Linen fabrics are well known for its excellent absorbing qualities, meaning it rapidly absorbs and gives up moisture.  Absorbing water as quickly as a pond surface, before giving a feeling of being wet, linen cloth can absorb as much as 20% of its dry weight. This explains why linen cloth always feels fresh and cool. I have already tried Linen Towels. I can confirm – absorbing qualities are very useful for towels. I do recommend you to wash the linen textile before the use and you will gain the best absorbent qualities.

Just talked about my personal experience with linen towels and their absorbing qualities. Here is the Linen Towel I have already bought and I am fully satisfied with it. If you are looking for quickly drying towel, I do recommend  Exclusive Fluffy Natural Linen Terry Towel


This is my kid’s favorite towel. It is suitable even for the child with the most sensitive skin. What is more it’s a rare towel since few European companies weave terry cloth from linen. It’s a wonderful example of Lithuania’s long-time weaving traditions – making fabrics of superb quality, my family enjoys bath time with excellent absorbing qualities of this towel.


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