30 days of LinenKids, day 10: Woollen Cap and Scarf Knitted Set

The first snow has fallen in Lithuania! You may not believe me, but it was snowing in Europe in the middle of Autumn. This trick of nature made me think that winter is coming so fast and it is time to look for warmer clothes. Especially for warm outdoor kids clothing as children love playing outside.

Severe wind and cool weather made me look for warm Woolen Cap and Scarf  Set. I am always looking for unique accessories for kids as I am bored of all these mass produced items and this is what I found – Woollen Cap and Scarf Knitted Set Sheep Off White


Just take a look at these wonderful hand crafted Sheep applique and embroidery! They make this cap and scarf look so different! But lovely looking item is not enough, I decided to share this Woollen Cap and Scarf Knitted Set Sheep Off White with you because it is not just beautiful and warm. This item is healthy, as it made of 100% natural wool, which will warm your baby up.

Looking for caps and scarfs i found one interesting thing about wool. The real genius of the wool fiber lies in its ability to cope with the high humidity that your child can get during rainstorms or at other times. Wool is a single fiber, which can slurp up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. This is so cool!

I have already decided, this set will be a perfect gift idea for my child. Christmas are still far away, but I am already looking for exclusive Christmas presents and this one looks just perfect for my child!


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