Linen Academy 4: Ecological linen

Linen is well known environment friendly fabric. When you choose linen over cotton, you’re helping the planet because flax (the crop from which linen is derived) requires less water than cotton to grow, requires fewer other resources, and all the flax by-products are put to good use. Just take a look at this amazing flax field and read more about environment friendly sides of linen.


One more thing about linen, it is not necessarily needed to be dyed since it performs beautiful shades of natural colors. Finally, linen products do not need to be finished in any chemical methods so you can boldly dress your child in environment friendly Linen Kids Clothes from LinenKids.

I do love to dress my kids in linen clothes, to sustain the planet. But there is more ways to create healthy and eco friendly environment for your child – linen kids toys.


Just take a look at this amazing Linen Bear Teddy. I do love to see my kids playing with healthy and natural toys. What about you?


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