New beautiful fabric on LinenKids – Boiled wool

Have you ever heard about boiled wool? I have already seen clothes made of boiled wool and i can tell you, they are more than beautiful. LinenKids winter collection has quite a few items for kids made of boiled wool.

Boiled wool is a special type of fabric. LinenKids has used it for girls and boys clothing such as dresses, sweaters and vests. Boiled wool is created using a mechanical knitting process which involves a set pattern that is then shrunk.

Stack of boiled wool

Have you already seen Hand Felted Accessories on LinenKids? Hope you like them. Actually wool felt and felted wool are similar to boiled wool, all of these processes date back to the Middle Ages and even before that.  I was impressed to know that the word felting comes from the High Old German (a language spoken before the 12th century) word “filz”. Wool felt is created commercially and results in uniform fabric thickness. Felted wool is created by first weaving wool to create an item then washing it, resulting in a solid, dense fabric that is about 30% smaller than the original woven material. Boiled wool is produced industrially and is characteristic to Austria and South America. After very large woven sheets of wool fabric are dyed (or not) and have a design on them, they are boiled and shrunk without the use of any chemicals. Because of this and other factors, boiled wool is very warm and usually does not itch, this is so important for kids clothing.

Have you ever tried Boiled wool items? Do you like them?


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