New LinenKids Winter 2009 Collection Everything About Wool and Linen

It promises to get a little nippy this year, so get ready to bundle up in warmth of linen and wool this season. New Winter Kid’s Clothes Collection 2009 finally arrived at LinenKids. It was inspired by naturalness and uniqueness, winter LinenKids clothes are all about linen and wool.

LinenKids, company that puts soul back into kid’s clothes, represents the best way for kids to stay healthy and look striking with introduction of new collections for girls and boys, full of natural and warm items. Subtle and very wearable LinenKids clothes are everything your kids need this winter:  linen and wool long sleeved dresses and sweaters for girls; suits, waistcoats, long sleeved shirts and sweaters made of wool and linen for boys; long sleeved pyjamas for kids; woolen socks, caps and scarf for kids.

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I have noticed that warm winter clothes for kids are essential to keep us and our families happy – the more comfortable our little ones are in their winter clothes for kids, the more fun our entire family is having!

I fall in love with LinenKids new items for kids. Winter time can be dull and grey, but this collection is full of exiting patterns, unique designs, natural fabrics and warmth, all these things will add fun to the colder months.  I am sure this collection will brighten up winter season with its functional and stylish natural kid’s clothes.

All fabulous and brilliant LinenKids clothes are now available on LinenKids store. Let your children choose from vast selection of wonderful kids clothes. I have already showed this collection for my little one. Here is his selected item – Boys Wool Sweater Vest


Did you like this Sweater Vest? Go and check out LinenKids site. Decide which one of winter clothing is calling you and your child the most.


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