Linen Christmas

LinenKids know that Christmas shopping can be the most annoying and stressful job of the Holiday season if you don’t know how to do it right. Shopping centers are full, people are irritated, and Christmas spirit is long gone! That is why LinenKids has selected  fabulous handmade Christmas accessories and 24 amazing linen gift ideas especially for you!

The best way to get into Christmas mood is to decorate your house! You can begin with Christmas stockings, which will be filled with many gifts on Christmas morning. It is sure to make a child’s dream come true and Christmas memories to last a lifetime.  Our linen Christmas stocking can do much more than hold gifts – it is a perfect decoration throughout the holiday season.

Christmas tree decorations are as important as Christmas tree itself. This supercute and eco-friendly Linen Christmas Tree Angel  is a must for your tree! It is handmade with linen fabric and decorated with white crochet band. Her face is embroidered and she has a little golden ribbon in her hair. This pretty linen angel will look nice among hand-crocheted snowflakes.  You can create a real winter wonderland with these lacy hand-crocheted 100% cotton snowflakes.


Stay tuned for our handmade linen Christmas ideas!





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