Christmas gift ideas – day 2

Toys are important for every child and no Christmas goes by without such gift. But aren’t you bored of identical mass-produced toys, harsh colors and various Hollywood characters?  Sometimes you need something special, unique, handmade, something what you will never find at your neighbor’s house.

Cheer your little one up with this Linen Stuffed Rabbit Girl or Boy, created for hours of joyful play. This toy is beautifully crafted but what is even more important – it is sustainable and eco-friendly!

This Rabbit Girl is a stuffed linen toy with amazing clothing and embroidered face. It is wearing under drawers, linen dress and apron, styled with crochet details. Our Rabbit Boy is wearing stylish linen pants with galluses and fascinating linen shirt. Toy is big, it stands 56 centimeters (22 inches) tall! It’s a dream come true to every child.

This toy is fun, unique and memorable gift idea that is guaranteed to last forever – as a toy or a lovely interior detail.


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