New collection of educational toys

LinenKids are happy to announce that we have some new exciting items in our store. Check out our handmade wooden educational toys’ collection.

Lovely Lace-Up Ladybird, cute little Ship are perfect to excercise coordination and movement. I am sure that our Wooden Apple Puzzle will keep not only your child entertained, but will keep your occupied as well.

Musical instruments are an excellent teaching tool, as they are vital for developing child’s imagination. Children can play with the instruments alone or with others and create a variety of rhythms. Without a doubt Rattle Pig,   Woodpeckers and Frog Finger Castanets will keep your child entertained.

Colorful wooden puzzles can be used to teach body parts, animal’s names. These puzzle come in handful to practice motor and coordination skills, develop logical intellection. What is more, these puzzles are wonderful decoration in your child’s room.

Toys are oiled with an environmentally friendly compound of beeswax and linseed or painted with a suitable for children toys water base Allendo Pulverbeize.


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