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January’s monthly prize

Cold January is almost over! The days are getting longer, we get to see the sun more often and naturally we star thinking about spring – colorful linen dresses for girls, short-sleeved shirt for boys. Ahhh… a few more months left to introduce our LinenKids spring collection.

Today however I would like to remind you all about our monthly giveaway. As you probably remember, this month one lucky subscriber will be receiving Linen Basket Natural Claret. I am sure this basket will soon be filled with the most important and most precious toys of your child.

The only question remains – who is the lucky winner. Our winner’s email starts with the word “venice” and ends with LinenKids team will be contacting you shortly with all the information! Congratulations to you!

A few days back we were discussing with several mothers how to teach children to bathe. Getting your child his own bath mitt is a first step to taking a bath on one’s own. LinenKids know how important for children it is to have fun while bathing, so we have designed a very soft yet still ticklish bath mitt. Looped Linen Bath Mitt for kids is February’s month prize for one lucky subscriber.

A comfy mitt for your child in the bath to wash all over. Washing up is a treat! The natural linen fabric makes it healthy for the skin.

Give your little kid a chance to learn how to take a bath independently! Subscribe to our newsletter, invite your friends and family to join!


LinenKids Reward Program

It is believed that a wise shopper always searches for discount coupons before adding an item to their shopping cart. But is it really wise to waste all this time doing such search instead of spending some quality time with your family?!

Search no more! LinenKids Reward Program is just what you have been looking for! LinenKids not only wishes to help you save your time and money, but also provide only what’s best for you! Registration at is absolutely free of charge.

When you register at we instantly transfer 300 points to your account that you can spend on your very first purchase.  100 points = €1! So after your registration you will have €3 in your account !

Each time you shop you will get 1% back into your account of your total purchase amount. If you spend €150, you will get 150 points back into your account, which means €1.5!

You can redeem accumulated points every time you shop at up to 10% of the total cart amount. This means if you want to buy something that is worth €50 and you have accumulated 2000 reward points in your account, you may redeem your points and pay only €45! Your account will become: 1500 plus 50 reward points earned from this purchase = 1550 points in your account!

Shopping with is so easy and so rewarding!

We do love you!

With St.Valentines’ day nearing, LinenKids would like to remind our fans how much we love them back ! Up until February 14th every 10th LinenKids fan on Facebook will receive our eco-friendly Bear Wooden Toy!

No conditions, no exceptions – this is just for being there for us and all your support!

Invite your friends and family to join!

With love,


New wooden toys collection

Can you think of a better way to star the New Year than introducing some new items to an on-line store?

LinenKids waste no time and we proudly introduce our Wooden Trains’ collection for children 3 years and over. We know how much children love pulling things behind them once they learn how to walk, so we have decided that its high time for eco-friendly wooden toys collection on the wheels! Choo choo!

Wooden trains’ collection consists of:

Wooden trains’ collection is eco-friendly, just like all our wooden toys, as we are using only child friendly water based paint or ecological beeswax and linseed oil mix.

LinenKids also have something in store to keep your child entertained  for freezing and snowy days. Colorful puzzles in the frame are perfect toys for children 3 years and over. These puzzles in the frame help to develop your child’s logic thinking and motor skill as well.

Once these Wooden Puzzles in the Frame are completed, they can be used as a colorful decoration on your child’s bedroom wall.

These wooden toys for sure will last a life time and can be passed on from generation to generation!