Linen Hand Knitted Scarves

Do you feel like your girl’s outfit is missing something? Do you need something to cover up if the day get breezy? Put a final touch to the outfit – cover shoulders with this luxurious scarf!

Choose your favorite color to match different outfits. Scarves are handmade of the highest quality 100% pure linen, making the scarf so light and so beautiful. It feels like nothing on your shoulders, but it looks fabulous!

A comfortable and versatile garment is perfect for handcrafted gifts – one size fits it all! The best thing is that mothers and daughters can always share this luxurious Linen Hand Knitted Scarf! And the last, but not the least fact is that this scarf is easy to care (delicate mashine washing)!

Be the first one try it on! We are offering Natural Linen Hand Knitted Scarf for you on Facebook! Just let us know why would you like to get it. Giveaway is open for everyone, worldwide, so do not hesitate!

The giveaway ends on Saturday, so hurry up and enter now!


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