LinenKids Bath collection adds more colors!

Pamper your child with new colorful LinenKids 100% linen handmade bathrobe and slippers! Children will quickly discover the softness and comfort and hooded bathrobe.

Hooded bathrobe are made from 100% linen, so they have high water absorbency and provides even more care for your child’s tender skin. The robe is hooded in order to keep your child warm comfortable even after head wash. It’s always a favorite after a shower, pool or casual lounging.

Your child’s feet will never be cold nested in cuffed linen slippers!

The slippers are made from 100% linen, to assure that you are giving only what’s best for your child. Linen is dirt resistant, and very easy to care for, so you don’t have to worry if you child gets dirty playing. No matter how many times you wash it, linen will last for generations!

Wrap up your child in pure comfort and luxury of 100% linen robes and slippers!


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