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Customers’ feedback about LinenKids

Day to day we are trying to provide our customers with the best service. Every day we keep receiving lots of enquiries, questions and feedback. We are absolutely happy that there are so many children all over the world who wear our linen clothes and play with our eco-friendly wooden toys. All the nice words we receive from you, is what keeps us going! Thank you so much for your positive feedback!

Today we would like to share some comments from our customers with you.

Sarah Quinn (France) has sent us a photo of her son Leo, wearing Boys Natural Laced Linen Shirt.

“My order arrived today and I am very pleased with it. I also love the little bags that you use to package the goods in. I am sure I shall be back in the future”.

Rachel Lerner Kohn (USA) has told us that her son Jacob enjoys wearing Boys White Linen Cargo Pants a lot! “Thank you so very much for the beautiful linen outfits! My son Jacob, has worn linen Capri pants a number of times. They are so well made! The clothes are being greatly enjoyed.”

Suzette James (USA) was also pleased with her order:

“I am remiss in thanking you for the quality of the garments I received. I hope to visit your site again in the near future”.

Our eco-friendly wooden toys can be used for educational purpose:

Irma (Lithuania), has shared her experience of teaching her son Oliver colors and also to count to 10 with the help of Numbered Elephants Wooden Toy. “Oliver has learned colors first, and he would put the elephant puzzle according to matching colors. Later on he memorized what color is what number, and would simply guess where to put each elephant. But now he can put the elephants in order without any problem. That was the easy way to learn to count!”

Thank you so much for all your kind words! It’s what keeps us going!