How toys help to educate your children

There are all kinds of toys available for children these days – from figurines of superheroes to children-sized copies of real-life cars. Some of them only let you do some housework while your child is busy playing with them, but some of them also help the children to develop in all kinds of ways. A great example for such kind of toy is LEGO, which helps to improve a child’s imagination while it’s still really fun to play with. But the problem with most of the modern toys for an eco-conscious parent is that they are not made with regard to saving the nature and they can be made from some materials that are harmful to the children.

But there are some toys which are both eco-friendly and developing. A great example of such toys is the ones that are called the Waldorf toys. There are all kinds of Waldorf toys, but all of them have the same qualities: they are made from natural, child-friendly materials, they are beautiful, inspiring, pleasant to hold in one’s hands and, most importantly, they develop children’s creativity and imagination. They usually have little detail, leaving a lot of room for imagination. In a Waldorf school, things such as stones or seashells can become toys.

At LinenKids, we have a huge collection of hand-made eco-friendly wooden toys. All of those toys are crafted by Mr. and Mrs. Alisauskai, Lithuanian folk artists living in one of the oldest Lithuanian villages – Senieji Trakai. Not only do these toys look amazing and are of highest quality, they also help to develop and educate children in many ways.

Motor skills. Some toys, such as the Hedhehog Sticks Wooden Toy pictured below, help little children to develop their coordination.

Sound. Other toys, like the Woodpeckers Wooden Toy, will help your child to understand how sound works and where it comes from.

Colours. Most of the toys, for example the Cat Wooden Toy, have at least three basic colours and can help to teach children the names of the colours.

Logical skills. Lacing games, such as the Apple Wooden Puzzle, take some time to solve for both children and adults alike and help to develop the child’s logical thinking.

Some toys not only have some of the above features, but can also teach your kids some practical skills, such as the very well-liked Shoes and Laces Wooden Toy! Just don’t forget that children like their toys much more when you let them choose the toys themselves. So get your child on your lap and browse our toy collection together – you will really find something that suits the both of you. 🙂


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