Linen in this season’s fashion

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, eco-friendly fabrics, including linen, are becoming more and more popular every year both in ready-to-wear and high fashion.

Lithuanian designers say that this year there are a few silhouettes of linen clothes that are popular. The first one is 80’s style: emphasised waist and straight lines, including bell-bottom pants, wide skirts and shirts with shoulder widening effect. Another popular silhouette is a straight one, including straight pants and dresses.

A model by G. Sarkauskas -

The length of linen dresses, skirts and pants can vary from knee-high to very long. The most popular colours this season are white and the natural linen colour, which is a lot like the colour of sand. White linen colour has already become a summer classic. If you don’t like these neutral colours, you can choose blue, green, yellow or red linen clothes – all of these are more or less fashionable this year.

The linen fabric can be woven in various patterns. Vertical or horizontal, narrow or wide, curves or straight lines meet circles, dots and various floral motives – it doesn’t really matter this year, as linen looks wonderful in any pattern.

A model by A. Anaite -

Bright coloured clothes could be matched with vivid, contrasting details and accessories. Sand and grey coloured clothes can be jazzed up with brightly coloured straps or flowers and a colourful purse or wrap.

However, you should always leave space for imagination – sometimes the best fashion creations are born at home. 🙂


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  1. The article you wrote is very nice.

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