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Wooden bear giveaway on Facebook

These three cute little wooden bears will have new owners on the 1st of September!

Hello everyone! There’s a giveaway going on on our Facebook page! The rules are very simple: like our page at until the 1st of September and you’re in the draw! Share our page with your friends and they will have a chance too. 🙂 There are three bears waiting for their new owners, so chances are pretty high!


Napping can prolong your life

All parents know that napping for children is good. They always have their children take naps during the day but for some reason they do not do that themselves. However, parents should actually nap with their children because recent study showed that napping at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes can prolong your life. Greek scientists proved that if you can nap during the day, you have a 37% lower risk of dying of heart problems. Relaxing lowers your blood pressure and it also helps your brain.

Linen pyjamas can improve your nap time even more!

Below, there‘s some information on how napping can help you:

6 minute nap:  recent German study showed that 6 minutes are enough to activate memory performance (short-term memories are removed and so there‘s more space for thinking).

20 minute nap:  will slow your heart rhym, and you will be more attentive and in better mood.

40 minute nap: is good if you did not sleep last night; During  40 minute nap your brain will perform important memory release functions

90 minute nap: if you have the luxury of time, 90 minute nap will let you experience a full cycle of sleep, which allows your body to restore energy.

Some tips for great naps:

* prime nap time is from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

* use a face mask to provide daytime darkness

* assure that you will not be disturbed

* some people claim that drinking coffee and then taking an immediate nap works well. The caffeine kicks in somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes, waking them up with extra energy.

Interview with Daiva Tamosaitiene

Hello everyone! Today we present you the first video in the series of interviews with the designers who create clothes for LinenKids. The first one is Daiva Tamosaitiene, who creates wonderful detailed clothes for both boys and girls. Her linen dresses and woollen girls clothes are truly amazing! You can check out the video below:

Linen + plastic? Why not!

A young Lithuanian designer Zygimante Astrauskaite from the Vilnius Art Academy decided that such a natural and eco-friendly fabric as linen can match quite well with used plastic packaging from snacks and other everyday items. Her collection ephasises both the current eco-friendly and recycling trends in fashion industry and the consumerism of today’s society. Check out some designs from the collection in the pictures below.

A design by Z. Astrauskaite - photo by Egle Jociute

A design by Z. Astrauskaite - photo by Egle Jociute

A design by Z. Astrauskaite - photo by Egle Jociute

A design by Z. Astrauskaite - photo by Egle Jociute