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LinenKids Was Acquired by LinenMe: New Assortment is Coming in Summer 2013

We are happy to announce a new step of LinenKids brand: it was acquired by a successful linen textile brand LinenMe which is planning to renew the assortment and enhance customer support as well as offer services of production of bespoken products in large quantities.

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New collection of educational toys

LinenKids are happy to announce that we have some new exciting items in our store. Check out our handmade wooden educational toys’ collection.

Lovely Lace-Up Ladybird, cute little Ship are perfect to excercise coordination and movement. I am sure that our Wooden Apple Puzzle will keep not only your child entertained, but will keep your occupied as well.

Musical instruments are an excellent teaching tool, as they are vital for developing child’s imagination. Children can play with the instruments alone or with others and create a variety of rhythms. Without a doubt Rattle Pig,   Woodpeckers and Frog Finger Castanets will keep your child entertained.

Colorful wooden puzzles can be used to teach body parts, animal’s names. These puzzle come in handful to practice motor and coordination skills, develop logical intellection. What is more, these puzzles are wonderful decoration in your child’s room.

Toys are oiled with an environmentally friendly compound of beeswax and linseed or painted with a suitable for children toys water base Allendo Pulverbeize.

Christmas gift ideas – day 3

Sleep is an important factor in all our lives. When we sleep, we rest and our body is able to renew its energy. It is quite natural that we spend a lot of time talking about how we have slept and whether our children have slept and how much.

Children usually sleep 10-12 hours per day, so it is very important that they sleep in healthy and comfortable surroundings. These natural linen pyjamas are the best for your child’s sweet dreams. And it looks terrific!

The adorable, sky-blue, soft, 100% linen pyjamas are decorated with fabric details in a natural linen colour. It has a button closure and a fully elasticized waist on the pants designed for comfort and perfect fit.

Your child deserves only the best – so why don’t you start from something as simple  as good night’s sleep!


Linen Christmas

LinenKids know that Christmas shopping can be the most annoying and stressful job of the Holiday season if you don’t know how to do it right. Shopping centers are full, people are irritated, and Christmas spirit is long gone! That is why LinenKids has selected  fabulous handmade Christmas accessories and 24 amazing linen gift ideas especially for you!

The best way to get into Christmas mood is to decorate your house! You can begin with Christmas stockings, which will be filled with many gifts on Christmas morning. It is sure to make a child’s dream come true and Christmas memories to last a lifetime.  Our linen Christmas stocking can do much more than hold gifts – it is a perfect decoration throughout the holiday season.

Christmas tree decorations are as important as Christmas tree itself. This supercute and eco-friendly Linen Christmas Tree Angel  is a must for your tree! It is handmade with linen fabric and decorated with white crochet band. Her face is embroidered and she has a little golden ribbon in her hair. This pretty linen angel will look nice among hand-crocheted snowflakes.  You can create a real winter wonderland with these lacy hand-crocheted 100% cotton snowflakes.


Stay tuned for our handmade linen Christmas ideas!




New LinenKids Winter 2009 Collection Everything About Wool and Linen

It promises to get a little nippy this year, so get ready to bundle up in warmth of linen and wool this season. New Winter Kid’s Clothes Collection 2009 finally arrived at LinenKids. It was inspired by naturalness and uniqueness, winter LinenKids clothes are all about linen and wool.

LinenKids, company that puts soul back into kid’s clothes, represents the best way for kids to stay healthy and look striking with introduction of new collections for girls and boys, full of natural and warm items. Subtle and very wearable LinenKids clothes are everything your kids need this winter:  linen and wool long sleeved dresses and sweaters for girls; suits, waistcoats, long sleeved shirts and sweaters made of wool and linen for boys; long sleeved pyjamas for kids; woolen socks, caps and scarf for kids.

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I have noticed that warm winter clothes for kids are essential to keep us and our families happy – the more comfortable our little ones are in their winter clothes for kids, the more fun our entire family is having!

I fall in love with LinenKids new items for kids. Winter time can be dull and grey, but this collection is full of exiting patterns, unique designs, natural fabrics and warmth, all these things will add fun to the colder months.  I am sure this collection will brighten up winter season with its functional and stylish natural kid’s clothes.

All fabulous and brilliant LinenKids clothes are now available on LinenKids store. Let your children choose from vast selection of wonderful kids clothes. I have already showed this collection for my little one. Here is his selected item – Boys Wool Sweater Vest


Did you like this Sweater Vest? Go and check out LinenKids site. Decide which one of winter clothing is calling you and your child the most.

Linen Academy 5: Anti-bacterial Linen

Have you ever suffered form various allergies? One thing you should know about linen – the use of linen does not cause any allergies and eliminates many kinds of irritations on the skin. What is more linen is hygienic, this quality helps to decrease some skin diseases – from common rashes to chronic eczemas. This is why I love linen kids clothes – they are suitable for kids even with the most sensitive skin. This is why I recommend this Linen Pyjamas, no more allergies when wearing linen items even when sleeping.


Some news from Japanese researchers, studies have shown that bed-ridden patients do not develop bedsores where linen bed sheets are used. Linen naturally suppresses live pathogenic micro flora, bacteria and fungi flax is found to be an effective barrier to some diseases.

For any individual desiring to regain and maintain health, the best recommendation – dating all the way back to The Bible itself – is to wear linen.

30 days of LinenKids, day 10: Woollen Cap and Scarf Knitted Set

The first snow has fallen in Lithuania! You may not believe me, but it was snowing in Europe in the middle of Autumn. This trick of nature made me think that winter is coming so fast and it is time to look for warmer clothes. Especially for warm outdoor kids clothing as children love playing outside.

Severe wind and cool weather made me look for warm Woolen Cap and Scarf  Set. I am always looking for unique accessories for kids as I am bored of all these mass produced items and this is what I found – Woollen Cap and Scarf Knitted Set Sheep Off White


Just take a look at these wonderful hand crafted Sheep applique and embroidery! They make this cap and scarf look so different! But lovely looking item is not enough, I decided to share this Woollen Cap and Scarf Knitted Set Sheep Off White with you because it is not just beautiful and warm. This item is healthy, as it made of 100% natural wool, which will warm your baby up.

Looking for caps and scarfs i found one interesting thing about wool. The real genius of the wool fiber lies in its ability to cope with the high humidity that your child can get during rainstorms or at other times. Wool is a single fiber, which can slurp up to 30 percent of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. This is so cool!

I have already decided, this set will be a perfect gift idea for my child. Christmas are still far away, but I am already looking for exclusive Christmas presents and this one looks just perfect for my child!