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Napping can prolong your life

All parents know that napping for children is good. They always have their children take naps during the day but for some reason they do not do that themselves. However, parents should actually nap with their children because recent study showed that napping at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes can prolong your life. Greek scientists proved that if you can nap during the day, you have a 37% lower risk of dying of heart problems. Relaxing lowers your blood pressure and it also helps your brain.

Linen pyjamas can improve your nap time even more!

Below, there‘s some information on how napping can help you:

6 minute nap:  recent German study showed that 6 minutes are enough to activate memory performance (short-term memories are removed and so there‘s more space for thinking).

20 minute nap:  will slow your heart rhym, and you will be more attentive and in better mood.

40 minute nap: is good if you did not sleep last night; During  40 minute nap your brain will perform important memory release functions

90 minute nap: if you have the luxury of time, 90 minute nap will let you experience a full cycle of sleep, which allows your body to restore energy.

Some tips for great naps:

* prime nap time is from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

* use a face mask to provide daytime darkness

* assure that you will not be disturbed

* some people claim that drinking coffee and then taking an immediate nap works well. The caffeine kicks in somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes, waking them up with extra energy.


Fall in Fashion with Wool Thows

Once fall is around, leaves tumble down and the weather is getting colder, this makes you wonder weather it was ever hot. On the top of all I do love autumn! Inspired by the fall, launched woolen throws collection.

I do love LinenKids woolen throws collection even if it was a hard task to launch it. Our team did a great job looking for the best weavers of throws here, in Lithuania. Finally we were glad to meet with Silkeborg, the company which has long been known as the exclusive manufacturer of high quality throws made from all natural wools. We were choosing from the ocean of the first-class throws while we finally have selected items for LinenKids collection.

While being at Silkeborg, it was so exiting to find out a lot of interesting things about wool! Have you ever heard that Alpaca is even warmer than wool and has a soft feel like silk, or that it comes in up to 25 natural colors – some alpaca farmers speak even about up to 66 colors shades. Was it interesting for you too? I am sure it was, this is why I will provide you with all woolen news in the next blog post.

Do you have any traditions in autumn? My family does! We do love home made apple cakes, and there is nothing better how to cuddle up in a soft throw while tasting my home made apple pie. This fall my family will enjoy warmth and comfort with LinenKids Baby Alpaca Amanda throw and Emma Baby blanket that I could not resist and already purchased… What about you?


I will reveal to you one little secret – seasons come and seasons go, but these wool throws give you warmth and comfort during all four seasons. LinenKids throws are perfect for chilly winter evenings at home and summer picnics under the tree. This is so practical you may think. Yes, you are right, it is! Most of our wool throws are easy to care for as they are washable. And this is not enough, wool throws are not just practical, they are beautiful as well. Timeless designs and neutral colors will brighten up any home design. And do not forget we do have some special throws for your little ones, Emma baby blanket and Danaja woolen throws are made in a special size -baby size, to keep your baby snug and comfortable.

Just to let you know, here is some types of wool we are using in our throws and blankets: Merino Lambs Wool, Pure New Wool, Extra fine Merino Wool, Kid Mohair Wool, Alpaca and Baby Alpaca Wool.

Hope you and your family will enjoy colorful autumn with LinenKids Woolen Throws!

30 days of LinenKids, day 4: ‘Kitty’ motif bed linens


Some people have asked me: “what about linen items other than clothes for children”? To which I say: “Check out our lovely bed linens!”

It’s true, we don’t have a huge range of bed linen, but those we do offer are (of course) aimed at kids — and they are truly exceptional. My experience is that it’s not easy to find nice bed linens for kids. Most of the linens in stores have a mass-market look about them. They are generally made from cotton or cotton-polyester, and come in very jarring colors.

OK, some of them are really beautiful, but are they eco-friendly and made using sustainable processes? Recently I came across an article that pointed out that linen is more eco-friendly than cotton. You can download the report here.

Anyway, today I would like to tell you about the beautiful and lovely linen bedding set (see photo above) that I bought for my younger son while I was expecting him. I just love this bedding set! The combination of white and light blue looks great and creates a cozy atmosphere in a child’s bedroom. The pillow case is two-tone: the front is white and the back is light blue. The duvet cover is also two-tone: a light blue with a white border.

I think your kiddie will sleep beautifully in this soft bedding made of natural, healthy fibres. Plus it is really beautiful. Boys and girls of all ages will adore this soft linen bedding as it sweeps them off to happy dreams. By the way – you can choose from a few embroidery patterns and colors to make it really special.

This bedding set is made from the finest linen cloth. It is easy to care for because it is machine-washable. Just one note – it may shrink up to 3 percent after the first wash.

Sweet dreams!

30 days of LinenKids, day 1: elegant pink linen pajamas

Let’s talk about how our children sleep. Do they sleep calmly right through the night and wake up in the morning? Or do you have to get up a few times every night and help your kiddie get back to sleep? I think one of the key factors that influences a child’s sleep is his or her surroundings.

1_elegant_pink_linen_pajamasChildren usually sleep 10-12 hours per day, so it is very important that they sleep in healthy and comfortable surroundings. I bet most of us buy cotton pajamas for our children. They’re OK… but have you ever tried linen ones? I think these natural linen pajamas are the best to ensure a child’s sweet dreams. And they look terrific!

What’s great about linen is that it becomes softer after each wash. And linen is the ideal natural fabric for your child — especially if he or she has an allergy, sensitive skin, or gets ‘hot and bothered’.

One more reason why I selected these pajamas for my shop: the hand-crafted details. These adorable, pink, 100% linen pajamas are decorated with hand-made stitches. They have a button closure and a fully elasticized waist on the pants designed for comfort and perfect fit.

And because they’re made from fine linen, they’re easy to care for: machine washable. (Just note that they may shrink up to 3% after the first wash in a washing machine.)

1_linen_bear_redBut wait a moment: something’s missing! I think any kid will sleep much better with something to cuddle. Maybe this cute red linen bear?

Sweet dreams!