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Christmas gift ideas – day 8

If you are looking for something simple yet comfortable for your child to wear to bed, then this White Hand Stiched Linen Pyjamas for girls is a must.

These adorable linen pyjamas are hand made of 100% linen fabric. These pyjamas are hand made with attention to the smallest details even stitching thread has a few different shades of pink. Hand made carefully and with love, this is true celebration of craftsmanship. Styled with hand stitched details in pink, pyjamas of white linen are perfect for your little girl.
Pants have fully elasticized waist designed for comfort and perfect fit. Shirt with two deep outside pockets and full button front gives more comfort for your kid.

These pyjamas come together with beautiful white hand stitched linen bag. This is perfect gift idea!

Your child will enjoy the breezy, floating-on-air feeling of this light fabric. Offer an unbelievable night’s sleep in fine linen pajamas for the one you love the most – your child.


Christmas gift ideas – day 7

Treat yourself a Pure New Wool Throw Grey Danaja for Christmas. You for sure deserve to experience warmth and coziness this holiday season. This amazing Danaja throw is made of the rare and hearty pure new wool from Scandinavia. Do not forget your little one and choose Baby size Danaja wool throw to keep your baby snug and comfortable.

This top quality throw is free of dyes and chemicals, it represents luxury and comfort that your family can enjoy. Timeless designs and neutral colors will enhance any home décor. This throw is made according to the best Scandinavian and Lithuanian textile traditions, well known for its superior quality.

Easy to care for, our washable Danaja wool throw with fringed ends is both beautiful and practical – comfort and beauty will last for generations!

Christmas gift ideas – day 6

Children need bags for all sorts of reasons whether it is to go to school or to take a holiday. More and more children want to take their own games and toys and books and magazines with them no matter where they go. So why not choose a stylish children’s bag to suit their needs.

This cute and stylish Linen Handbag Tricksy Girl is handmade from 100% linen. It is decorated with tricksy girl application. It has 2 shoulder straps. This handbag is the perfect size for your child’s toys.

This would be a lovely Christmas gift!

Christmas gift ideas – day 5

Children usually are bored with these mass produced items, and I am sure they would appreciate something unique, something one of the kind. Why don’t you put this amazing Woollen Cap and Scarf Knitted Set Sheep off White under the Christmas tree.

Just take a look at these wonderful hand crafted Sheep applique and embroidery! They make this cap and scarf look so different!

Not only that this woolen cap and scarf set looks nice, but it will help to keep your precious child warm even the on the coldest day! Kids love to play outdoors – let them play in style!

Christmas gift ideas – day 4

Make sure your little girl’s wardrobe is fantastic and totally fabulous this season. Girls Linen Hooded Sweater is a must! This is the best look for the girl who loves to be comfortable and casual but still fashionable.

It was designed by the Lithuanian designer, and this guarantees that your girl will be exceptional, wearing a sweater that no one else has. Girls Linen Hooded Sweater has the motif of the girl with long hair that’s featured on the pocket which helps to create a very girly look.

This sweater is extremely comfortable and perfect for everyday wear. It has been knitted using a fine linen thread, and then washed to eliminate further shrinkage and to make sure that it will not lose its shape. Like most of our items, it’s machine-washable so it can be worn every day.

Don’t you think it’s a perfect gift for your lovely daughter?

Christmas gift ideas – day 3

Sleep is an important factor in all our lives. When we sleep, we rest and our body is able to renew its energy. It is quite natural that we spend a lot of time talking about how we have slept and whether our children have slept and how much.

Children usually sleep 10-12 hours per day, so it is very important that they sleep in healthy and comfortable surroundings. These natural linen pyjamas are the best for your child’s sweet dreams. And it looks terrific!

The adorable, sky-blue, soft, 100% linen pyjamas are decorated with fabric details in a natural linen colour. It has a button closure and a fully elasticized waist on the pants designed for comfort and perfect fit.

Your child deserves only the best – so why don’t you start from something as simple  as good night’s sleep!


Christmas gift ideas – day 2

Toys are important for every child and no Christmas goes by without such gift. But aren’t you bored of identical mass-produced toys, harsh colors and various Hollywood characters?  Sometimes you need something special, unique, handmade, something what you will never find at your neighbor’s house.

Cheer your little one up with this Linen Stuffed Rabbit Girl or Boy, created for hours of joyful play. This toy is beautifully crafted but what is even more important – it is sustainable and eco-friendly!

This Rabbit Girl is a stuffed linen toy with amazing clothing and embroidered face. It is wearing under drawers, linen dress and apron, styled with crochet details. Our Rabbit Boy is wearing stylish linen pants with galluses and fascinating linen shirt. Toy is big, it stands 56 centimeters (22 inches) tall! It’s a dream come true to every child.

This toy is fun, unique and memorable gift idea that is guaranteed to last forever – as a toy or a lovely interior detail.