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Customers’ feedback about LinenKids

Day to day we are trying to provide our customers with the best service. Every day we keep receiving lots of enquiries, questions and feedback. We are absolutely happy that there are so many children all over the world who wear our linen clothes and play with our eco-friendly wooden toys. All the nice words we receive from you, is what keeps us going! Thank you so much for your positive feedback!

Today we would like to share some comments from our customers with you.

Sarah Quinn (France) has sent us a photo of her son Leo, wearing Boys Natural Laced Linen Shirt.

“My order arrived today and I am very pleased with it. I also love the little bags that you use to package the goods in. I am sure I shall be back in the future”.

Rachel Lerner Kohn (USA) has told us that her son Jacob enjoys wearing Boys White Linen Cargo Pants a lot! “Thank you so very much for the beautiful linen outfits! My son Jacob, has worn linen Capri pants a number of times. They are so well made! The clothes are being greatly enjoyed.”

Suzette James (USA) was also pleased with her order:

“I am remiss in thanking you for the quality of the garments I received. I hope to visit your site again in the near future”.

Our eco-friendly wooden toys can be used for educational purpose:

Irma (Lithuania), has shared her experience of teaching her son Oliver colors and also to count to 10 with the help of Numbered Elephants Wooden Toy. “Oliver has learned colors first, and he would put the elephant puzzle according to matching colors. Later on he memorized what color is what number, and would simply guess where to put each elephant. But now he can put the elephants in order without any problem. That was the easy way to learn to count!”

Thank you so much for all your kind words! It’s what keeps us going!


The lucky winner

LinenKids’ competition on Facebook has ended and we have one lucky winner who has picked out her favorite item from LinenKids online boutique.

LinenKids proudly presents the new lucky winner of 20 euro gift certificate – Mrs. Chantelle. The Boys Linen Suit, which Chantelle has chosen as her favorite item, is perfect outfit for any special occasion, especially in Australia. It’s stylish, it’s comfortable, made of 100% linen. Her son should look fantastic wearing it!

If you want to win our gift certificate or be informed about our special deals and promotions, do not hesitate and join us on Facebook! Every Monday we have special discounts available, on Tuesdays we offer2 for price of 1 deals and Wednesdays are the days of giveaways!

Shopping with LinenKids is fun! Don’t forget, in February you buy and we pay!

LinenKids Reward Program

It is believed that a wise shopper always searches for discount coupons before adding an item to their shopping cart. But is it really wise to waste all this time doing such search instead of spending some quality time with your family?!

Search no more! LinenKids Reward Program is just what you have been looking for! LinenKids not only wishes to help you save your time and money, but also provide only what’s best for you! Registration at is absolutely free of charge.

When you register at we instantly transfer 300 points to your account that you can spend on your very first purchase.  100 points = €1! So after your registration you will have €3 in your account !

Each time you shop you will get 1% back into your account of your total purchase amount. If you spend €150, you will get 150 points back into your account, which means €1.5!

You can redeem accumulated points every time you shop at up to 10% of the total cart amount. This means if you want to buy something that is worth €50 and you have accumulated 2000 reward points in your account, you may redeem your points and pay only €45! Your account will become: 1500 plus 50 reward points earned from this purchase = 1550 points in your account!

Shopping with is so easy and so rewarding!

Thank you LinenKids customers!

Just a month ago we shared with you our worldwide customer map and we were glad to tell you that has shipped hundreds of top-quality, natural handmade linen products for children to people all over the world. Kids wear our linens on weddings and special occasions from Hawaii to Norway, kids look beautiful in our linens on holiday, our linen toys are adored from the United Kingdom to Brazil and we are happy to receive feedback and to know that people like what we do. Every day we keep receiving lots of enquiries, feedback and questions… and today we would like to share with all of you the feedback on LinenKids products and services that we recently received. Thank you all!

Day to day we are trying to provide our customers with the best service and it is pleasure to be evaluated for this:

I have received the shipment today. I am very satisfied with the suits and shirts! Thank you for excellent service, I will recommend LinenKids to all my friends! ” (Siv Helen Pettersen, Norway)

Our motto – LinenKids puts soul back into kids clothes. So we are more than happy when LinenKids customers are satisfied with unique linen clothes. And it is a pleasure to hear that people are willing to come back to our shop.

Yesterday I received your package with the beautiful clothes I ordered from you. They are really really well made and special and beautiful!! I am so happy I got them. It was a pleasure doing business with you, it wouldn’t be surprising for me to come back to your shop very soon!! (Claudia Caponi, Spain)

We look forward to Claudia’s next visit LinenKids again and we hope to see some pictures of her daughter wearing Striped Knit Linen Dress.

Kris Doman from the USA was also pleased with her order:

I received the shirt today. Wow, that was so fast, and it is so beautiful! Thank you so much for rushing it. After I take his baptism portraits, I’ll be sure to send you an image.” (Kris Doman, United States)

Thank you, Kris, we are happy to share your amazing pictures from your blog

Boys linen shirt

If anybody knows what is more beautiful than your kid wearing linen on the seaside, let us know!

We are happy to hear that our linen toys can brighten the day for kids, parents and even grandparents:

I am delighted with my Linen Rabbit Mummy which arrived today. You will be amused to learn that this rabbit is not for a “little one” but for myself. I am a 76 year old lady, living alone, and I saw this featured in the Saturday Telegraph magazine section ( I think ) and was enchanted, so ordered it. She now sits on my Dressing Table with other ornaments and brightens my day. (Pamela Messenger, United Kingdom)

We just want to say THANKS for your feedback! All these nice words encouraged us to be even more creative and to satisfy all your needs. This is why we have expanded our collection with kids-friendly Bath Time Linens and we have much more plans to introduce you more beautiful linens in the future. Stay tuned!