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Help kids get themselves clean – our new bath-time items

We’ve added some really super bath-time items to the store – you can read about some of them in our news release (below) and [here].

When I selected these items my main consideration was enabling children to be more independent when taking care of themselves. I believe that if you give kiddies the right bath-time tools, they’ll have more fun getting clean. That’s why all the items in the Bed and Bathroom Accessories department are designed with kids’ needs in mind.

I think they’ll make terrific, healthy gifts or party favors, too. I hope you like them.

Thank you,

Jurate Expands Kid-Friendly Natural Linen Bath-Time Collection

Kids love the natural feel and comfort of pure linen. Expanded line-up of towels, mitts, sponges and scrubbers are all specially designed for use by little ones. And the more you use linen, the softer it gets.

Those long, hot summer days and lots of outside play mean more baths and showers for children. At least that’s what mums would like! To give kids a bit more bath time independence, has expanded its line of linen bath time accessories, including terry towels, waffle-weave towels, scrubbers, sponges and mitts — all specially made and sized for kids from natural, sustainable Lithuanian linen. Jurate Stanisauskiene, founder of LinenKids and mother of two boys, picks a few of her favorite items from her new Bath Time Collection, which make great, healthy gifts. [Click here for images.]

  1. Natural waffle-weave linen towel: “This towel is big enough to wrap up your kiddie and is so soft and absorbent. It has a handy loop for hanging on a hook, and is available in five sizes.”
  2. Linen kids’ back scrubber: “It’s hard for kids to wash their backs, and products designed for adults are too abrasive for them. This scrubber is made for little ones to scrub their back themselves — it’s soft on the skin and does the job nicely.”
  3. Linen kids’ bath mitt: “I think a mitt is the best way to encourage bath-time independence. This mitt matches our back scrubber and has an elastic band sewn inside so it stays on during use.”
  4. Hooded linen bath robe: “This item is so soft, warm and cozy that your child will love to wear it after a bath, shower or sauna!”
  5. Bath time essentials: “This is a bundle of all of my favorites — the back scrubber, the mitt and the sponge — all made from pure, soft linen. Learning to get clean can be fun!”

LinenKids is the culmination of a 4-year odyssey

Four years ago, Jurate Stanisauskiene was looking for unique, natural and beautiful products for her first son. She ran across locally produced linen products, liked the cool, smooth feel of the fabric, and on a whim bought an outfit for her child. “I immediately noticed that he was much happier and calmer when wearing linen. I did a little more research into traditional Lithuanian linen and learned that it’s made from special flax that yields a linen that of much higher quality than the fabric typically used in factory-made clothes.” LinenKids is the evolution of that initial idea, and aims to introduce parents worldwide to beautiful Lithuanian linen.

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About LinenKids

LinenKids of Lithuania makes clothes with soul for kids — locally made items that are exclusive to its website, and appeal to the tastes of parents who want to support traditional, sustainable products and prefer custom and vintage kids’ clothes. It features carefully selected boys’ linen outfits and girls’ linen outfits ; linen outfits for Christenings and special occasions; one-of-a-kind linen toys ; and linen bathroom and bedroom products. LinenKids clothes, accessories, toys, and bed/bath items are made individually or in small batches by craftswomen who love what they are doing and want to share their traditions.


30 days of LinenKids, day 8: gorgeous linen christening dress

Today, I want to focus on some of our more elegant and ‘dressy’ items. Spring is definitely in the air and that can often mean christenings! Here at LinenKids, I think we’ve for some of the most stunning clothes for this special day.

This christening ensemble is a celebration of “the natural look” and the amazing craft of needlework! These luxury christening clothes are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. This particular item is the masterpiece of extremely talented designer Jurga Jokubaitiene. She creates linen christening clothes exclusively, decorating them with handmade embroidery and crocheted details as well as Swarovski crystals and pendants. That’s right, Swarovski!


And, guess who inspires her? Yes, you’re right – her child – a three year-old son. I asked Jurga to tell me how her journey began and here’s what she said:

“I always had a lot of children’s clothing design ideas, but my son’s christening was the beginning of my creative work. When other mothers saw my son’s clothes, a few of them asked me to create something special for their children’s christening. And so it began! My aim is to make each model unique. I pay a lot of attention to each detail. Every detail is hand made – cross stitched, crocheted or so. Linen is pure and natural – same as meaning of christening. It looks great on kids as well – that’s why I have chosen linen for my designs.”

One of the things I notice at christenings and other special occasions is that the kids aren’t always looking terribly comfortable in their ‘special outfit’. I feel really sorry for those kiddies, dressed in scratchy synthetic clothes (satin dresses or polyester suits) on this special day, especially in warm or hot weather. Linen, on the other hand, is always comfortable because it breathes. Got a winter christening in mind? Well, linen is actually pretty warm, even when it’s cold and Jurga can also make these dresses with a soft and warm cotton lining.


This ensemble includes the beautiful dress, baby bonnet, headband and candle decoration. There so much craftsmanship in this ensemble: silver-grey handmade cross-stitched embroidery on the pockets and on the front of the belt; white hand-crocheted bands. Even the strings that fasten the cuffs, are hand-twisted! Oh, we can’t forget the finishing touches: decorations of Swarovski pearls and small Swarovski crystals, which decorate the belt and pockets as well.


Another nice feature is that that you can personalize this dress. The baby’s name can be cross-stitch embroidered (by hand, of course) on the reverse side of the belt. A nice touch!

For me this ensemble is so pure and full of love. Only our grandmothers could create such a beauty. Mine – she did just that for her children. Nowadays we don’t have so many talented women, that’s why I value Jurga’s creations so much. This wonderful christening ensemble will certainly become a family heirloom, used generation after generation. That’s more than you can say for most wedding dresses, which cost a small fortune!

30 days of LinenKids, day 7: girls ‘ladybird’ linen shorts outfit


What can I say… it’s just so cute! Mostly I like the design and the lovely hand-made ladybirds, but I also like the way linen is used to add comfort. It has linen knit strips at the sides to keep it airy, and the top is sleeveless with shoulder straps that can be adjusted for length. The waist of the shorts comes fully elasticized for a comfortable fit. All these little touches make it extremely comfortable, making it  perfect for hot weather. And did I say it’s cute?

When I saw this cute linen outfit, I thought, why there were no so cute and comfortable clothes when I was a child? I was a very agile little girl: I liked to play active games and climb trees. My mother used to dress my in those fancy dresses (at least for those ‘smart’ occasions), but how could I climb trees when dressed like that? That’s why I just adore this outfit; I believe that there are a lot of girls who are cheeky monkeys and who need comfortable clothing — even though they like to dress up now and then.


The other side of the story is, of course, the health of our children. More and more, parents are concerned about dressing their children in healthy, natural clothes. I’m absolutely addicted to natural clothes and surroundings for my children. I always look for clothes, made of the natural fibers in the stores, but sometimes the “natural” clothes are only “natural”. They look like somewhere the producers forgot to invite the designers and to make the clothes beautiful and attractive for children. Well, that’s not how we roll here!☺

This sweet little shorts/top outfit is made of excellent quality 100% linen cloth, softened and pre-washed. It’s easy to care for because it’s machine washable.

And one more thing – your little tomboy needs something special to add a final touch. I think our linen hand-crocheted cap is just perfect! It will protect her from the sunshine and make her look gorgeous!


30 days of LinenKids, day 6: boys simple white linen shirt

boys simple linen shirt

So what’s a practical and comfortable summer shirt for the little boy who is always zooming around and loves to play outside? I think my ‘simple’ white linen shirt is perfect.

I like the vintage-inspired design of this shirt, especially the unique look of the light and airy white linen fabric, which features alternating translucent and opaque stripes. This shirt reminds me of movies about Lithuania in 19th century: the scenes from the countryside with the barefooted children, playing in the wonderful old village gardens. They used to wear loose linen shirts with a comfortable lace-up front. It’s such a cute look!

boys simple linen shirt

The moment I saw this shirt I wanted to add it to the new LinenKids summer collection. I was excited about the stylish lace-up look and the sleeves, which are an unusual and practical ¾ length. It’s perfect for warm summer days: the 100% linen fabric is extremely thin — it seems a light as air. This shirt is made in an interesting, striped texture of 100% linen. The best part is that it’s so soft — I’m sure any boy will feel really comfortable in this shirt, just like those bare-footed children from centuries past.

This shirt is easy to care for, just like all my linen items. It is made from fine linen cloth, pre-washed to reduce shrinkage but it might shrink an additional 3% after the first wash.

And you can dress up this shirt of you like. I think it goes great with these super-comfortable and stylish boys linen cargo pants.


30 days of LinenKids, day 5: elegant pink linen dresse


When I was looking for unique and pretty clothes for my e-shop, one of my suppliers – a businesswomen, designer and mother of 3 children – shows me a pink linen dress. “Nothing special” I thought and wanted to move on to her other items. But she convinced me to take it, saying that her daughter liked this dress so very much. Well, I took it and added to the store.
Which brings me to the next time I saw this dress. We’re working with a three-years old girl who was modeling this dress for our photo shoot. Usually, children hate to dress or undress, but this time was different. This little girl puts it on, and the first thing she does is run to look at herself in the mirror – she thought she looked beautiful! She was so happy to wear it, and the photographer got some perfect shots. But then it’s time to change for the next photo… And she refuses! She cried so hard… Oh, I would have loved to let her go home in it, but it was too cold outside!

So, this is one those dresses that looks simple on the rack but then just so gorgeous once it’s on a little girl. It has a lot of nice little touches: decorative stitches and white buttons on the front, an elegant waist with drawstrings that cinch the sides (these drawstrings are extremely comfortable and adjust the waist for a perfect fit.) I think it’s easy and comfortable enough for everyday wear (it’s machine-washable), but works just as well for ‘smart’ occasions. How many dresses can you say that about?
It’s crafted in natural linen by one of the best Lithuanian producers with extremely high attention to detail and quality. It’s made from fine linen cloth, pre-washed to reduce shrinkage but it might shrink an additional 3% after the first wash.

I think this dress goes well with the Pink Linen Hat, which can be decorated with an adorable red hand-made Linen Flower. For colder days or chilly evenings your girl will look gorgeous wrapped up in the White Linen Butterfly Scarf.

30 days of LinenKids, day 4: ‘Kitty’ motif bed linens


Some people have asked me: “what about linen items other than clothes for children”? To which I say: “Check out our lovely bed linens!”

It’s true, we don’t have a huge range of bed linen, but those we do offer are (of course) aimed at kids — and they are truly exceptional. My experience is that it’s not easy to find nice bed linens for kids. Most of the linens in stores have a mass-market look about them. They are generally made from cotton or cotton-polyester, and come in very jarring colors.

OK, some of them are really beautiful, but are they eco-friendly and made using sustainable processes? Recently I came across an article that pointed out that linen is more eco-friendly than cotton. You can download the report here.

Anyway, today I would like to tell you about the beautiful and lovely linen bedding set (see photo above) that I bought for my younger son while I was expecting him. I just love this bedding set! The combination of white and light blue looks great and creates a cozy atmosphere in a child’s bedroom. The pillow case is two-tone: the front is white and the back is light blue. The duvet cover is also two-tone: a light blue with a white border.

I think your kiddie will sleep beautifully in this soft bedding made of natural, healthy fibres. Plus it is really beautiful. Boys and girls of all ages will adore this soft linen bedding as it sweeps them off to happy dreams. By the way – you can choose from a few embroidery patterns and colors to make it really special.

This bedding set is made from the finest linen cloth. It is easy to care for because it is machine-washable. Just one note – it may shrink up to 3 percent after the first wash.

Sweet dreams!

30 days of LinenKids, day 3: striped knitted linen pullover


This striped linen pullover is great for Spring. It’s one of my older son’s favorites, and when you have a boy who likes to wear something that you also like – that’s a great thing! It is made by one of the best Lithuanian designers with extremely high attention to detail and quality. It’s knitted using fine linen thread, washed to remove shrinkage and constructed to make sure that it won’t lose its shape.

I selected this pullover for for three reasons:

1. It’s hard to find knitted 100% linen pullovers — in stores or online. Why is that, I hear you ask? Well, linen thread is generally uneven – it varies from thin to thick, unlike cotton, for example. These natural imperfections are the real nature of linen and I think what it makes beautiful. But at the same time it is very hard to knit this thread with knitting machines: there’s lots of manual intervention and supervision needed to ensure high quality of the final product. And of course that is time-consuming. That’s why only small, specialist companies want to tackle knitting linen to make clothes — but the results are lovely.

2. Its classic, simple design captured my heart. I think it’s a great pullover for everyday wear — but it’s also nice for ‘smart’ occasions. It’s machine-washable, too.

3. My son likes it! He wore this pullover last summer and was very happy. Why? I think it’s because of the classic design, which allows for movement without getting in the way. Another reason he likes it is because it has natural cooling properties. He’s an active kid and while running around he often gets hot and sweaty. With some fabrics, that can mean you get chills when you’re playing outside. But linen is great because it keeps him cool when he gets hot, and then gradually cools him down when he stops for a moment.

I think it goes great with the classic natural linen trousers.

Hope you like them!