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LinenKids Was Acquired by LinenMe: New Assortment is Coming in Summer 2013

We are happy to announce a new step of LinenKids brand: it was acquired by a successful linen textile brand LinenMe which is planning to renew the assortment and enhance customer support as well as offer services of production of bespoken products in large quantities.

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New addition to LinenKids family

We have been very bad at blogging, but this is due to some changes in LinenKids family. We now have a new family member, a 3 month old baby boy, who has changed our life around. Family life changes a great deal when you bring this little bundle of joy back home. Naturally, you have a baby crib ready, which would actually fit at least five babies, a closet full of various outfits and of course lots of expectations. You want to offer only what’s best for your child, but it’s so easy to get lost in between so many different eco-friendly and natural products. So we will try to share our findings and experience in raising a healthy baby in eco-friendly environment. How eco-friendly are you when it comes to raising a child? Please share your experience with us!

Interview with Virginijus Vizbaras of “A grupė”

Today, we present you a video interview with Virginijus Vizbaras, president of “A grupė”, the company which provides us with exceptional quality towels, bathrobes, slippers, sponges and other bath linens made from 100% linen. He talks about the history of his company, the importance of linen to Lithuanian heritage, the qualities of linen and how his company tires to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Check out the interview on YouTube below:

Interview with Daiva Tamosaitiene

Hello everyone! Today we present you the first video in the series of interviews with the designers who create clothes for LinenKids. The first one is Daiva Tamosaitiene, who creates wonderful detailed clothes for both boys and girls. Her linen dresses and woollen girls clothes are truly amazing! You can check out the video below:

The Green Parent

LinenKids has been founded by a mother of two, a woman, who wants to provide only what’s best for her children. LinenKids clothes are crafted from 100% linen, assuring that your child skin won’t be irritated by something synthetic.  Because our clothes are eco-friendly and we support “green” style of life, we were featured on The Green Parent, magazine, dedicated to raising kids with conscience. The current issue  of  the magazine can be found here The Green Parent June 2010

2010 Spring/Summer arrivals

Little by little spring is taking over, and LinenKids proudly presents our newest linen clothes for children for spring and summer season of year 2010.

No flashy colors, but discreet designs and decorations to keep the clothes perfect for special occasions but definitely playful and absolutely fashionable

The designs are almost classical, but with delicate details which make the garment unique and tempting.

Girls White Linen Summer Dress is so simple, yet so delicate that your little girl will attract everyone’s attention. Girls Wavy White Linen Dress is adorned with a tiny asymmetric linen lace on the waist and at the hem, which will make your princess stand out from the crowd.

Easy styled Lounge Boys Linen Outfit is a great choice for every day and special occasions. Stylish, yet comfortable Boys White Linen Summer Outfit will be your boy’s favorite to wear for picnics and family gatherings.

Basic at first view but rich of many charming details which make LinenKids clothes irresistible!

Soft to touch, comfortable to wear, LinenKids new designs are already here!

LinenKids in Japan

What do you think linen and Japan have in common? If you are thinking about LinenKids – you are absolutely right. Our eco-friendly on-line boutique is expanding and we now are able to offer our 100% linen handmade clothes and accessories for eco-conscious parents in Japan,  launching our website and customer service in Japanese language. LinenKids in Japan is run by Kishiko and Masatoshi Okuno family.

The Okuno family with huge enthusiasm started participating in various Business  Fairs, introducing linen clothes and accessories as well as wooden toys to people in Japan. Recently LinenKids products were introduced at Small Business Center in Hiroshima, where business fair took place. LinenKids had great success and were among favorites of 197 other participants.

However we would like to note, that is not an on-line shop but the website where you can find all the information about LinenKids products and where they can be purchased. If you want to buy LinenKids products in Japan, at you can find all the linked shops where linen clothes and accessories are sold.

If you wish to follow how LinenKids in Japan are doing, you can check  blog or follow them on Twitter.

Good luck to Kishiko and Masatoshi!