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Wooden bear giveaway on Facebook

These three cute little wooden bears will have new owners on the 1st of September!

Hello everyone! There’s a giveaway going on on our Facebook page! The rules are very simple: like our page at until the 1st of September and you’re in the draw! Share our page with your friends and they will have a chance too. 🙂 There are three bears waiting for their new owners, so chances are pretty high!


How toys help to educate your children

There are all kinds of toys available for children these days – from figurines of superheroes to children-sized copies of real-life cars. Some of them only let you do some housework while your child is busy playing with them, but some of them also help the children to develop in all kinds of ways. A great example for such kind of toy is LEGO, which helps to improve a child’s imagination while it’s still really fun to play with. But the problem with most of the modern toys for an eco-conscious parent is that they are not made with regard to saving the nature and they can be made from some materials that are harmful to the children.

But there are some toys which are both eco-friendly and developing. A great example of such toys is the ones that are called the Waldorf toys. There are all kinds of Waldorf toys, but all of them have the same qualities: they are made from natural, child-friendly materials, they are beautiful, inspiring, pleasant to hold in one’s hands and, most importantly, they develop children’s creativity and imagination. They usually have little detail, leaving a lot of room for imagination. In a Waldorf school, things such as stones or seashells can become toys.

At LinenKids, we have a huge collection of hand-made eco-friendly wooden toys. All of those toys are crafted by Mr. and Mrs. Alisauskai, Lithuanian folk artists living in one of the oldest Lithuanian villages – Senieji Trakai. Not only do these toys look amazing and are of highest quality, they also help to develop and educate children in many ways.

Motor skills. Some toys, such as the Hedhehog Sticks Wooden Toy pictured below, help little children to develop their coordination.

Sound. Other toys, like the Woodpeckers Wooden Toy, will help your child to understand how sound works and where it comes from.

Colours. Most of the toys, for example the Cat Wooden Toy, have at least three basic colours and can help to teach children the names of the colours.

Logical skills. Lacing games, such as the Apple Wooden Puzzle, take some time to solve for both children and adults alike and help to develop the child’s logical thinking.

Some toys not only have some of the above features, but can also teach your kids some practical skills, such as the very well-liked Shoes and Laces Wooden Toy! Just don’t forget that children like their toys much more when you let them choose the toys themselves. So get your child on your lap and browse our toy collection together – you will really find something that suits the both of you. 🙂

Eco-friendly Wooden Toys

Safe and eco-friendly toys are the way to go this year! A wooden toy requires more of the child’s imagination and creativity than the mass-produced toys. This means more play value, more education and more development. LinenKids renewed wooden toy collection is even more eco-friendly than before!

All of our lacing wooden toys now have an eco-friendly linen lace as well, making the toy even more durable and timeless. Durable wooden toys are great carriers of family stories and bring wonderful memories to mind.

LinenKids’ wooden toys are either colored by child friendly water based paint, or covered with ecological beeswax and linseed oil mix, so you don’t have to worry if your child puts the toy into his mouth!

Fine, hard wooden toys will be loved not only by your children, but your grandchildren as well.

New wooden toys collection

Can you think of a better way to star the New Year than introducing some new items to an on-line store?

LinenKids waste no time and we proudly introduce our Wooden Trains’ collection for children 3 years and over. We know how much children love pulling things behind them once they learn how to walk, so we have decided that its high time for eco-friendly wooden toys collection on the wheels! Choo choo!

Wooden trains’ collection consists of:

Wooden trains’ collection is eco-friendly, just like all our wooden toys, as we are using only child friendly water based paint or ecological beeswax and linseed oil mix.

LinenKids also have something in store to keep your child entertained  for freezing and snowy days. Colorful puzzles in the frame are perfect toys for children 3 years and over. These puzzles in the frame help to develop your child’s logic thinking and motor skill as well.

Once these Wooden Puzzles in the Frame are completed, they can be used as a colorful decoration on your child’s bedroom wall.

These wooden toys for sure will last a life time and can be passed on from generation to generation!

New collection of educational toys

LinenKids are happy to announce that we have some new exciting items in our store. Check out our handmade wooden educational toys’ collection.

Lovely Lace-Up Ladybird, cute little Ship are perfect to excercise coordination and movement. I am sure that our Wooden Apple Puzzle will keep not only your child entertained, but will keep your occupied as well.

Musical instruments are an excellent teaching tool, as they are vital for developing child’s imagination. Children can play with the instruments alone or with others and create a variety of rhythms. Without a doubt Rattle Pig,   Woodpeckers and Frog Finger Castanets will keep your child entertained.

Colorful wooden puzzles can be used to teach body parts, animal’s names. These puzzle come in handful to practice motor and coordination skills, develop logical intellection. What is more, these puzzles are wonderful decoration in your child’s room.

Toys are oiled with an environmentally friendly compound of beeswax and linseed or painted with a suitable for children toys water base Allendo Pulverbeize.

30 days of LinenKids, day 1: elegant pink linen pajamas

Let’s talk about how our children sleep. Do they sleep calmly right through the night and wake up in the morning? Or do you have to get up a few times every night and help your kiddie get back to sleep? I think one of the key factors that influences a child’s sleep is his or her surroundings.

1_elegant_pink_linen_pajamasChildren usually sleep 10-12 hours per day, so it is very important that they sleep in healthy and comfortable surroundings. I bet most of us buy cotton pajamas for our children. They’re OK… but have you ever tried linen ones? I think these natural linen pajamas are the best to ensure a child’s sweet dreams. And they look terrific!

What’s great about linen is that it becomes softer after each wash. And linen is the ideal natural fabric for your child — especially if he or she has an allergy, sensitive skin, or gets ‘hot and bothered’.

One more reason why I selected these pajamas for my shop: the hand-crafted details. These adorable, pink, 100% linen pajamas are decorated with hand-made stitches. They have a button closure and a fully elasticized waist on the pants designed for comfort and perfect fit.

And because they’re made from fine linen, they’re easy to care for: machine washable. (Just note that they may shrink up to 3% after the first wash in a washing machine.)

1_linen_bear_redBut wait a moment: something’s missing! I think any kid will sleep much better with something to cuddle. Maybe this cute red linen bear?

Sweet dreams!